ALL CHECK is the first initiative to go way beyond the usual traditional product quality mark. It indicates that product has been independently tested and meets manufacturing specification.

ALL CHECK is a holistic mark bearing, that can be used on your product stationary, packaging or signage to indicate that all 10 important points have been considered when producing or supplying a product or service.

The ALL CHECK logo will give your customer the confidence that your supply chain process has not only been quality checked but that your company has taken into consideration a range of ethical and moral principles which we all need to be aware of.

These include:


  • Quality Specification– Meeting design and manufacture specification for a product and service (ISO specification standard guide).
  • Quality Control– Ensuring consistency in the setup, manufacture and production of a product or quality control of a service provided to customers.
  • Quality Assurance– Ensuring there is overall quality in all aspects of the operation from sourcing suppliers to the final statement at point of sale.


  • Safety– Product, service and site safety factors and conditions.
  • Health– Health issues regarding staff and customers- impacts, minimising and risk planning.


Minimise environmental impact and improvements pertaining to services and products supplied.


Human resources, legal and social input. Ethical practices in processing products.


Energy used to manufacture or provide a service. Energy reduction planning.


  • Legal– Meeting statutory, by laws and product laws.
  • Aftermarket– Support, services and guarantees.

An innovation developed by Sancert as a quality service provider for ISO standards.

It became apparent that more needs to be done regarding how suppliers meet requirement. Customers want more. Companies need to demonstrate their commitment to ethical behaviour and what better way to do this than to have a mark logo that can be used on your products and packaging to indicate this to customers.

As an independent certification service provider doing certifications on various ISO management standards, Sancert have developed an overall audit process to assess companies according to the ALL CHECK requirement and give a rating report. This stringent audit will indicate a supplier’s level of commitment and compliance to all the aspect mentioned above.

At Sancert our philosophy is not to do a quality check on your product so we can rate it as meeting quality standards- no that is your responsibility- what we would need to see is how you have managed your quality checks to certain specifications (be it an ISO requirement or your own specification) and how you ensure completeness and consistency in your product.

It is simply not good enough for a mark bearing logo provider to check a sample product once every three months in order for you to advertise that a product is quality checked, we feel that it is more important to assess your management process in order to maintain a quality product at all times.

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